Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sitio Chava Heritage Sites

The Sitio Chava Heritage Sites inlude two caves called Chava Cave and Syong-On Cave. The The Sitio Chava Heritage Sites is located a bit further down the road from the Brgy Atop Atop Satellite Market, Bantayan.

Sitio Chava Heritage Sites Images
 Chava Heritage Climbing Down Chava Cave Chava Heritage Chava Cave Wall Chava Cave Top Outside Chava Cave

Sitio Chava Heritage Sites Map & Directions

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The Floating Bar

The Floating Bar is usually located 50 metres out from Yooneek in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. The Floating Bar offer food and refreshing drinks.

The Floating Bar is a unique bar that floats on the calm waters of Santa Fe. it is moved occasionally to suit the tides and weather. The bar is ideal where you can relax and watch a beautiful sunset.

You can get to the The Floating Bar by a small boat that will take you out to the bar from the beach in front of Yooneek and take you out to The Floating Bar in a couple of minutes.

The Floating Bar Images
 Floating Bar Floating Bar by Yooneek Floating Bar Santa Fe Beach Floating Bar From Distance

The Floating Bar Map & Directions

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Ice Bar and Restaurant

Blue Ice Bar and Restaurant Map & Directions

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HR Music Bar & Restaurant

HR Music Bar & Restaurant is located at the beach end of the market. The garden restaurant setting makes for a relaxing dining experience where you could try a pizza or one of their other menu items. You can relax in the bar while listing to music or play a game of darts.

HR Music Bar & Restaurant Images
HR Bar HR Bar HR Bar pizzahr-music-bar-restaurant

HR Music Bar & Restaurant Map & Directions

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Budyong Beach Resort

Budyong Beach Resort is located right on the beach in the middle of Santa Fe. The location is ideal if you want to be within walking distance to the market and restaurants in Santa Fe. The rates are also quite good value too.

Budyong Beach Resort Images
budyong beach resort

Budyong Beach Resort Map & Directions

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Seaview Apartelle

Seaview Apartelle hotel located in central Santa Fe and only a few minutes walk to the beach, market and restaurants. Seaview Apartelle offers guest some rooms that have great views of the sea along with a hotel balcony for viewing the beach an ocean.

Phone: (63 32) 438 9179
Fax: (63 32) 460 5740
Mobile No(s).: 0919865979

Seaview Apartelle Images

Map & Directions of Seaview Apartelle

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bantayan Island Resort

Accommodation on Bantayan Island for the traveler will consist mostly of a choice between one Bantayan Island Resort from another. The best Bantayan Island Resort hotels are found in Santa Fe. If you take a look through the Bantayan Island Accommodation Guide then you will be able to find a suitable resort for your stay on Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island Resort
The resorts on Bantayan Island are most 2-3 star resorts at most. The service can be lacking compared to what you might find in Cebu city at top hotels but the staff will usually go out of there way to help you with anything.  The beach, views and amazing sunsets are the better points of resorts on Bantayan Island.

The good thing about Santa Fe, the main tourist destination and resort area of Bantayan Island is that it is small enough to walk around mostly and a ride on a tricad for 15 pesos will get you a long way here too.

Ideally, you should read reviews of Bantayan Island resorts found in the Bantayan Island Accommodation Guide or you might like to visit TripAdvisor or similar online resources to read more reviews to find that ideal Bantayan Island Resort.

Bantayan Island Night Life

What can you do at night on Bantayan Island?

Well, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to go out and visit. There are resorts that have their own restaurants and bars open to the public as well. Going out with some friends to have a pizza is a good way to enjoy the local food and to spend an evening in Santa Fe.

There are places to go where they have billiard tables like Cou Cou or Moby Dicks. You might like to check out the Floating Bar in the early evening for something different.

There are regular fiesta's on especially in the summer. These fiesta's will offer disco and dancing for the young and energetic. Families, young and old will be able to enjoy discos and fiesta's together. The better ones will have a good sound system and will not have the speakers blown out ;). be aware though that it is common for discos to run for days with the sound turned up to the very maximum and they might only stop playing once all the speakers or your ear drums have been completely destroyed.

You could just enjoy a walk along the Santa Fe beaches with your partner or alone to enjoy the evening. At sunset then this is something else and it will be a highlight of your visit. You can walk right along from the port side and then around the south of the island along the beaches there in Santa Fe. You will walk past Yooneek, the Floating Bar and if you keep going you can go past Sugar beach and Sunday Flower. You will then reach the local fishing villages from where you can keep walking past the boats further around the beaches if you desire.

There are some smaller club type premises including Route66 that have a stand up comedy show most nights in a somewhat small and simple premises. There are some small shops in the Santa Fe Market area that sell cheap beer from where you can sit and sing Karaoke.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hard K Kafe

The Hard K Kafe is located in the center of Santa Fe Market.

Photo Gallery of the Hard K Kafe Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

HK Kafe Bar
HK Kafe Table
HK Kafe Mango Shake
HK Kafe Seating
HK Kafe outside
HK Kafe BBQ & Rice
HK Kafe inside
HK Kafe Burger & Fries
HK Kafe Menu
HK Kafe Menu
HK Kafe Menu
HK Kafe Menu

Map & directions to Hard K Kafe Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

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