Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pebachi Store

The Pebachi Store in Bantayan town center is a place where you can buy all those foods and items that you might normally have to travel back to Cebu city for. The shop is especially attractive to foreigners that want to buy delicacies and items that they might miss from their home country.

Pebachi Store inside

The Pebachi Store sells items like cheeses, bacon, sausages, wholemeal & french bread, pasta, canned goods, chocolates, olive oil, herbs & spices and a lot more.

The Pebachi Store is located on Binaobao Street in Bantayan Town. They are across the road from the Alied Bank & the corner of the Plaza. They are near Kermits or use the location and direction map below:

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EuroBread, Santa Fe

EuroBread located in the market area of Santa Fe offers a range of breads with a focus on European breads like wholegrain, wheat breads, french rolls, multigrain and burger buns.

Currently they are located temporary at HR Music Bar & Restaurant but EuroBread will be moving to a new location near the Santa Fe Market soon, expected late October 2012.

EuroBread Images

EuroBread Old Storefront

EuroBread Wholemeal bread

EuroBread Map & Directions

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Cost to Bring things to Bantayan island?

So you would like to know what it cost to bring things over to Bantayan island from Cebu etc? I will update this list as it comes to hand but it will be mainly based on my own experience.

Fridge: I purchased a fridge from Bogo that seems like a good deal for the latest Samsung for just over 10,000 pesos but by the time I got to my home in Santa Fe it nearly cost me another 1,000 pesos in fees for shipping it there with me.

The cost for the shop to take it to the ferry was about 100 pesos
the charges at Hagnaya were over 300 pesos from memory.

Tips for guys helping me carry it etc were around 200 pesos

I had to also pay fees at Santa Fe of over 300 pesos.

Tricad fee to take it to my home was 150 pesos.

Television: I purchased a 32" Sony TV in Australia recently and brought it all the way with me as checked in baggage. The TV was covered in brown paper but they still found out it was a new TV at Hagnaya and I was asked to pay over 180 pesos plus another 89 pesos. I never paid any tips besides 50 pesos to one guy who helped us carry all our luggage. I also was not asked to pay any further fees at Santa Fe, I paid the tricad rider to take both me and my girlfriend, the TV and our luggage just 30 pesos to our home near Sugar Beach.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Right Click Computer Solutions

Right Click Computer Solutions Santa Fe

Local Santa Fe computer repair shop.

Right Click Computer Solutions Images

right-click RightClick Computer Solutions Services

Map & Directions for Right Click Computer Solutions

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