Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is a place where you can relax and get away from the busy city of Cebu or Manila. There are great beaches at Santa Fe, the main resort beach town of Bantayan Island. The town called Bantayan is where most of the local business activity takes place and is the center of the island for shopping. There are small provinces scattered around the island.

Bantayan Island is a small island with friendly people, plenty of restaurants, beach resorts and accommodation. There are plenty of things to do even for the smaller size of the island. There are some of the best beaches you will find in the Philippines with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches with amazing sunsets.

Bantayan Island

A small airfield exists on Bantayan Island with regular flights several times a week going to Cebu.

Fishing and Farming is a prime source of income for many Bantayan Island families. There are various schools but for medical and general facilities then the town of Bantayan is where you will find most of these.

The beaches around Santa Fe are some of the most beautiful you will find anywhere. On a calm hot day at high tide swimming there can be very rewarding and relaxing. Families, friends or single people can enjoy a day out at Santa Fe. Hiring a tour guide, staying at a resort for a day or longer is an ideal way to enjoy and relax at one of the beach areas.

Games like volleyball and badminton are enjoyed by families and energetic people on the beaches of Santa Fe. The morning can be when you will enjoy beautiful sun rises or in the evening likewise for the sunsets.

bantayan beach
The nightlife in Santa Fe consists mainly of a visit to one of the number of restaurants/bars near the market or out to ones that are located at various spots in other parts of Santa Fe. Some bars or restaurants might be located on the beach while others are even out on the water believe it or not.

For a relaxing day on Bantayan or to even try something different then a trip on a boat might be ideal. There are trips to other islands as well like to the Virgin island or Maapascua island where you can enjoy some snorkeling.  Taking boat trips, bike riding and water activities are all part of the enjoyment when traveling to Bantayan Island.

bantayan sunset

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